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Hermes belt leather

Hermes known for quality, but also in the leather selection is very particular about. This is a brief directory, hard さ refers to the hardness (softness), the more the more hard stars. Eye の big き さ is the degree of sophistication, that is, the size of the skin (animal) wrinkles, the more the more the more wrinkles the more rough feeling. From the type of animal, Hermes uses leather, goat, buffalo, crocodile, ostrich and lizard skin. Each category is only introduced now also produced, more common.
Cowhide class Cuir
Togo skin, this one in the country the most common. From the male calf (less than one year old bulls), began to use in 1997, hardness and roughness moderate, so widely used.

Tc skin hermes belt, also known as Daniel. This is more common in Japan. From the male into cattle (one year old bulls), leather is relatively soft, also referred to as mou. Professional called clemence.

It is very soft, and comes from heifers (under one year old), and is the most commonly used in bags of leather, so it is also common for Garden Party (bag type, previously mentioned).

Launched in 2007 the small bulls. Used for Garden Party this one. More than four for the natural skin, not processed by the leather.

2003 began to use, from the small bull. This is also very popular, very strong feeling.

2009 debut, from adult cows (over one year old). And on a similar, personal hobby. More than two for the re-processed leather, so the texture is relatively hard. It is strong, but the package is very heavy, get the arm sore often heard. More than six for the hard leather, the following said soft leather.

2006 debut, small bulls, it is said that this one of the luminosity is very good, especially after changing into other colors.

Adult cows, the surface is not processed, so it is easy to scratch. Only black and light brown (in the way of color) two.

Small bulls fake hermes belt, good texture, very shiny, the sun may make the original color changes, it is easy to scratch.

Little bull, history is relatively long, beginning in 1890. Surface of the light process.

Little Bull, French Alps Mount.Blanc (Europe’s highest) Chamonix (place name) generation of small bulls. Feels a little wet and cool feeling, not the kind of dry and hard feeling. (Understand?)

Little bull, very soft, very smooth feeling.

The following two are fur and suede
Little bull, short hair.

Small bull, processed by suede.
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Goatkin Chevre replica hermes belt
Produced in 2002, from the mother goat. Feel good, relatively leather is relatively light, but because the goat’s physique than the cattle and more, so a leather can not do too much package, can only do 30cm

Also from the mother goat, the gloss is higher than the above one.
Buffalo class

Buffalo Well, waterproof natural strong!
Crocodile leather class Crocodile Hermes inside the bag, crocodile skin should be regarded as the most expensive one. Hermes now use the crocodile skin has 5 kinds, the crocodile itself from the size of the points are divided into several, the largest is crocodile class (giant, living in Australia, the African generation, mouth into a triangle), and alligator class Like the Chinese alligators, the mouth is round, and the students who live in Florida know what I’m talking about. Because these are more like these, so Hermes in the manufacturing process, but also to the upper left tag to distinguish. The sign in the small box is.
Mainly used in the growth of Southeast Asia and Australia’s saltwater crocodile. Big head, can do large Birkin bag. Lisse is a manufacturing process, is the concept of light, so the surface is very bright.

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Using crocodiles grown in the Nile basin in Zimbabwe, Africa. A more common piece of material. But also bright skin.

The use of freshwater crocodiles grown in the Mississippi River valley in the United States is small, so it can not do much Birkin, 30 has been very rare, usually for wallet and the like. Bright skin.

Using the second crocodile (african) described above, but this time the leatherwork is polished and therefore looks like a scrub.

Use the third crocodile above (American), the surface is polished. General make wallet and small Birkin.

Lizard skin class Lezard hermes belt
The use of Southeast Asia’s lizard, the surface by light processing. In the huge is also a lizard, so can not do much of the things.

This section is also the use of the lizard, but this time the leather is not processed without processing, so the choice of materials is the most

Ostrich skin class Autruche
Use ostriches from Africa and Australia. Ostrich skin on the little bit, it is the pores, the feathers pulled out after the look like this.